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Carmel - Sri Lanka Preschool

Meet a Charlton Brown trainer – Carmel Harrison

Hamilton local Carmel Harrison discovered her passion for early childhood training with CHARLTON BROWN in 1993. Twenty-four years on, her career is marked with international travel, championing the Global Linkages Program and improving the standard of education and training.

Beginning her career as an early childhood teacher 42 years ago, the energetic mother-of-three transitioned into early childhood training in 1993. Carmel has seen the business grow from what started as a small nanny college in 1985 with two staff members to a business that now welcomes more than 1000 students each year in Australia alone.

A personal passion for Carmel has been rolling out CHARLTON BROWN training programs in India and Sri Lanka. In April 2016, she participated in the roll-out of a training program at a local college in Hyderabad. As a key member of the team of trainers tasked with writing the course materials, she plays a major role in coaching international colleges through the first few stages of this very important program, Carmel has also taken groups of CHARLTON BROWN students to Sri Lanka as part of the Global Linkages program, giving students the opportunity to practise their skills in a different setting and culture.

“It’s been an honour to work alongside such a fantastic team at CHARLTON BROWN for so many years,” Carmel said. “This is something I’m extremely passionate about and I’m fortunate to have the support of my family and CHARLTON BROWN to fulfil these pursuits in my own time.”

Thanks to passionate trainers like Carmel, Australia is seen as a leader in early childhood training. CHARLTON BROWN is building an increasing global customer base, teaming up with schools and colleges in Sri Lanka, Vietnam, the Philippines, India, Japan and China each year to provide our students with practical experience in another country.

Carmel - Sri Lanka Preschool
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