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Holiday gift for busy parents – Corporate Crèches

CHARLTON BROWN partnered with PresCare in December 2016, to provide a five week program to PresCare employees who were balancing the end of year school holidays with work commitments.

Following a pilot program in 2014, the five week program received outstanding feedback from staff and, most importantly, the kids. The program, which we’re rolling out across several more organisations in 2017, is not only fun for the kids, but also gives the parents some comfort knowing their children are having a wonderful time and are in the hands of trained carers.

Holidays can be a struggle for working parents when there is unwanted pressure to find a program that is flexible and easy to access that the kids will enjoy.

The five week program offered to PresCare employees, which will be adapted for future programs, was full of engaging activities and excursions for kids aged between three and 12. Qualified nannies guided the kids through group art activities, outdoor games and science activities, like making their own slime – every day was different.

Excursions to the Science Museum, Sir Thomas Planetarium and The Cube Physics Observatory at QUT, were also incorporated into the 2016 program, to name a few.

To enquire about a corporate crèche for your office or conference please contact

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