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A Professional Nanny or Educator provides flexible care suited to your family’s needs. The team at Charlton Brown take great pride in matching most appropriate Nannies, Educators and Carers with our families, discuss your family’s care needs with our Agency Consultants today.

Founded in 1985, Charlton Brown was originally established for the dual purpose of training and employing qualified and professional nannies, educators and carers. The Charlton Brown Nanny Agency understands that people are our most precious resource and our aim is to safeguard this resource by educating and placing nannies, educators and carers who share our philosophy and are committed to quality care.

All carers placed through Charlton Brown hold relevant qualifications, have a current first aid, hold a Working with Children Check or police check and have had a medical clearance. They are selected on their professionalism, honesty, integrity, empathy, flexibility, common sense and a willingness to learn. All Carers are personally interviewed and reference checked by Charlton Brown staff.

Approved Care Funding

In Home Care Scheme

In Home Care (IHC) supports eligible families who require child care services where the children are cared for in the family’s own home. CHARLTON BROWN® is an Approved Care Provider in QLD, NSW, and VIC.

IHC can only be delivered by an Approved Care Provider and is limited to families who have no access to existing child care services, and/or their circumstances mean that an existing child care service cannot meet their needs.

Charlton Brown will recruit your Educator and take responsibility for the administration of Child Care Benefit (CCB) and Child Care Rebate (CCR) for families and guardians accessing IHC through the CHARLTON BROWN® Agency.


Only an approved IHC service provider can provide suitable care when no other forms of child care are available, or meets the family’s needs and one or more of the following circumstances applies:

  • the child has, or lives with another child who has an illness or a disability
  • the child’s guardian (or guardian’s partner) has an illness or disability that affects their ability to care for the child
  • the child lives in a rural or remote area
  • the work hours of the child’s guardian (or guardian’s partner) are hours when no other CCB approved child care service is available
  • the child’s guardian (or guardian’s partner) is caring for three or more children who have not yet started school
  • any other circumstances determined by DEEWR in relation to the child.

A determination of ‘other circumstances’ in which a service can provide IHC to a child is at The Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations’ (DEEWR) discretion. Services are required to contact DEEWR to request a determination for care to be provided to a child in ‘other circumstances’.

Services and Recruitment

Eligible parents and guardians who utilise In Home Care have peace of mind that Charlton Brown and our Educators will offer support and provide quality care to the children in their care.

Our Educators will foster each child’s potential development through a daily program delivered in the family home.

Policies and Standards:

Charlton Brown ensures that all educators follow and implement all of our policies, procedures and practices in the home in accordance with the Early Years Learning Framework.

Approved IHC services cannot exceed the number of places they have been allocated by DEEWR. Consequently, Charlton Brown can not guarantee that all eligible children will receive care through our agency and/or the full number of hours of care for which they apply.

Our Process

Child Care Services

Step One

Once you know what you require from your Nanny, Educator or Carer please register your interest or get in touch by sending us an email.

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Step Two

If applicable, complete an In Home Care checklist. Supply CHARLTON BROWN® with your assessment notice and submit all supporting documentation of eligibility for In Home Care.

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Step Three

A life time registration fee of $99.00 applies to all new families and is payable upon receipt of registration.

Family Carers Australia

Step Four

A member of the CHARLTON BROWN® Agency will be in contact to find out your family’s care needs and start recruiting for your perfect Nanny, Educator or Carer.

CHARLTON BROWN® is an Approved Disability Services

Fees & Rates

Charlton Brown offer both a Premium Service (Labour Hire) and Placement options for hiring or finding the perfect Nanny, Educator or Carer for you family.

A Lifetime Registration Fee of $99.00 applies to all new clients.

Premium Service (Labour Hire)

  • Professional Nannies: Charge out rates are per hour based on your job description including: the number and age of children and specific duties for the Nanny or Educator. Rates start from $37.30, a minimum of 3-hour session.
  • Disability Support Carers: Charge out rates start from $39.65 per hour for a minimum of 3 hours based upon the level of support required.
  • Aged Care Companions and Home Helpers: Rates start from $39.65 per hour for a minimum of 3 hours based upon the services they are required to provide.
  • Event and Corporate Crèche: Talk to our Agency team to discuss your needs and organise an in-depth quote for your event.

Placement Fee

This option suits families who wish to be able to negotiate the terms and conditions of employment directly with their nanny or carer. CHARLTON BROWN® will recruit and screen Nannies, Educators and Carers to interview with your family. Your Placement Fee will be dependent on the number of weekly hours and duties required of the nanny or carer, the number and age of those in their care.



Are all nannies insured?

Nannies, Educators and Carers employed by Charlton Brown are covered under the Charlton Brown WorkCover and insurance policy.

Can we share a nanny between our family and friend’s family?

A nanny share between families is a great idea. In many cases, especially during school holidays it is a much more affordable and flexible form of care. Talk with your friends about their family’s needs and your own then talk to our staff with the number and age of all children and the requirements of your nanny to form a quote.

Are all nannies immunised?

When we discuss the needs of your family and the duties and expectations for your Nanny, Educator or Carer immunisation can be a consideration. The care and safety of the children in our care is of the upmost importance to us. Please let it be known to our Agency Consultants when discussing your child’s needs if specific immunisation is a medical necessity. Whilst immunisation is not compulsory for our Nannies, Educator and Carers, it is highly recommended.

Can our nanny do general house cleaning duties?

When utilising In Home Care, your Educator can prepare meals and carry out light house keeping duties which are directly related to the daily routine of the children in their care. Forexample they are required to clean up following activities and the child’s meals but are not required to clean the family home. They, when pertaining to the care description, may prepare meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner) for the children receiving In Home Care, but are not expected to do so for the whole family.

For families accessing our Premium (Labour Hire) or Placement Services house cleaning and cooking duties can be negotiated between you and your nanny, however it is important to remember that your nanny is an educator and their time is dedicated to your child’s care and development.

Will our nanny have their own car?

If part of the care requirements for your family includes transport to or from school, activities and appointments this could be included in the role description. You can decide if your nanny or carer will drive your family car or their own, but this is an important point that needs to be discussed during your interview with potential nannies.

Do your nannies speak a language other than English?

If you would like your childen to be exposed to another language we can include this in your role description. We have many bi-lingual Nannies, Educators and Carers registered with Charlton Brown.

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